Videos Suggest 'Blacks For Trump' Rally Was Attended By Mostly White People

Photo: Getty Images

Videos appear to suggest that a "Blacks For Trump" event in Detroit was attended by mostly white people.

On Saturday (June 15), former President Donald Trump appeared at two campaign events in Detroit ahead of the 2024 election.

The former president appeared to garner a warm reception during his campaign stop at the Turning Point Action conference in downtown Detroit.

However, at a second event touted as a "Blacks For Trump" rally, only a few Black people were seen in videos that circulated on social media.

The rally was held at the 180 Church, a Black church in Detroit, but the crowd appeared to be filled with white people.

One heckler, however, pressed Trump about how he handled the COVID-19 pandemic and also told the former president to "drink some bleach."

Saturday's campaign stops came after Trump's team announced their "Black Americans for Trump" initiative, which is set to launch on Juneteenth. The initiative was supported by Black figures including former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

President Joe Biden's campaign team released a scathing statement from Detroit Pastor James Perkins in response to Trump's new initiative.

“Every time Trump opens his mouth to talk to Black folks, he demonizes us, insults us, and makes empty promises he’ll never keep,” Perkins said.

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