Cop Fired After Slamming Black Teen's Face To Ground, Dragging Him By Locs

Photo: Getty Images

An Ohio police officer has been fired after body camera footage showed him violently arresting a 14-year-old Black teenager over a pedestrian traffic violation, per WCMH.

The arrest between now-former Columbus officer Donovan Bever, a second unnamed officer, and the Black teen unfolded on February 19.

The officers initially approached a group of teenagers who were allegedly lingering in the street at a crosswalk near an apartment complex. After the teens attempted to run away from the officers, one cop chased them on foot while Bever pursued them in a police vehicle.

Bever's partner caught two of the teens, ordering them to get on the ground with his gun drawn. When Bever joined the scene, the officer grabbed one of the teens by his locs and slammed his face into the ground.

Bever then handcuffed the teen and violently searched his pockets. According to police, Bever also hit the teen in his groin during the arrest.

The boy told the officer repeatedly “I’m sorry” and “I’m complying."

“You move, I will break your face,” Bever said at one point during the arrest.

After the search, Bever dragged the 14-year-old by his locs to the back of his police car.

“You got AIDS?” Bever asked the teen.

Columbus Police Chief Elaine Bryant condemned the officers for their unnecessary use of force.

“I was angry, disappointed, upset,” Columbus Police Chief Elaine Bryant said of the arrest. “That is not what we reflect as Columbus Division of Police. The majority of our officers have great relationships with our community.”

Bever was placed on leave shortly after the arrest. He was officially terminated from the department on June 10.

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