‘Ghetto Mutts’: Chicago Cop Probed Over Racist Tweets About Black People

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A Chicago Police officer is under investigation over racist tweets in one of which he allegedly called Black people "ghetto mutts."

The investigation stems from alleged racist posts made on X, formerly known as Twitter, and Facebook by Detective Shawn Popow under the screen name Südliche Polizei, the Atlanta Black Star reports.

Popow allegedly used the alias to call Black people "ghetto mutts," "animals," and "subhuman savages" on social media. In other social media posts, the detective allegedly posted images of a Black man being beaten by a white supremacist from the film American History X.

More alleged posts reveal Popow referred to a Black person as a "chimpout."

“An aggressive and violent outburst by a black person, such as tantrums of chimpanzees or baboons straight out of National Geographic’s nature shows. O.J. really did chimp out with Nicole by slashing her throat," Popow allegedly wrote.

Poppow also allegedly shared a photo of a Black man inside a casket, writing “The face you make when you don’t understand what stop resisting means.” In other comments, the officer referred to Black people as “subhuman wretches,” “rats” and “parasites.”

The Police District Council is urging Superintendent Larry Snelling to take action against officers with “biased ideologies.”

“We direct our call to Superintendent Larry Snelling, urging him to honor his commitment to eradicating racism within the Chicago Police Department,” the PDC said in a statement. “The promise to remove officers who perpetuate biased ideologies is a critical step towards cultivating a more inclusive and respectful work environment.”

Popow's posts also allegedly include transphobic remarks and are being investigated by the Civilian Office of Police Accountability.

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